Monday, 15 August 2011

Indiana Jones

Given that there is another Indiana Jones movie in the pipeline, I thought I would reflect on a few questions.
 When Indy selflessly pours the contents of the Grail over his father's wounds, was the wine actually a placebo because Dr Jones Sr doesn't make it into the fourth movie?
 Next point I would like to raise is, over time did the knight become an obsessive compulsive owing to the fact that the goblets were neatly and precisely aligned in the chamber upon Indy entering. Who can blame him? It does kind of get get boring maintaining watch for a thousand years.
How else could the appearance of the knight have been more dramatic? What would have surprised Indiana Jones is if the knight had proclaimed:Congratulations! You are the millionth customer to have entered in the course of a thousand years. Please accept this cheque! Trouble is it might bounce because the original money has been eaten up by inflation and interest over a thousand years.
 Alternatively, after Dr Jones had tentatively sampled the contents of the Grail fearing being shrivelled up by accelerated old age, the knight could have yelled jubilantly:Smile you are on Candid Camera!
Ultimately, the only question you'll ask yourself when viewing Indiana Jones 5 is how many more sequels will they make since Dr Jones is immortal? Or worse still, will they produce a prequel if he locates the Fountain of  Youth?


  1. Didn't we have the fourth one, where am I?

  2. They should make a 5th Indy movie and kill the old blighter, in a heroic way naturally! Then a new hero could arise: Indy's son, played by the same actor as in the 4th movie ... his name escapes me ...

    Oh, and the Grail-knight should have kicked some ass with a broadsword! That would have been cool! ;-)

  3. I'm also having enough of Indiana Jones to be honest. They should have stopped at three.

  4. The ist was the best...after that it got a bit harry potter....
    Nice fig :-D

  5. Yep, a fifth might be going too far. I like the idea with any franchise they could still pull out a stunner, but we've learnt the hard way over the years that sometimes it is just better to stop and keep the magic pure.

  6. A fifth would be way to much, the fridge bit did it for me in the fourth.Great painting as normal mate!

    Cheers Rich.

  7. Boogie boogie. Feels like forever since we chatted. Big hello to C from me.

  8. Paul:I agree and the music was rubbish too!

    Porky:Greed is good.

    West:Very kind of you!

    Whisk:Time flies when you are away from blogging!