Monday, 6 December 2010

Secret Agent:Sharks and Fish!

 Reapers Aquamarine Animals are without doubt my favourite miniatures of all time. The pack contains a shark, octopus, grouper fish, an eel, dragon fish, ray and angler. Here is their website:
 You can paint them any colour you so desire.
For the shark I used vallejo sea grey, the octopus black red, the ray olive grey, the angler GW purple, the grouper vallejo skin tone and the dragon fish black red. I highlighted with lighter shades and covered them in ink. The detail is incredible and they appear as if they are floating thanks to the clever basing.
 They only took about 30 minutes to paint each as they are tiny!

 They are very animated and characterful. I built an aquarium for them by just placing a tape cover in front of rocks and train moss!
The scratches on the tape cover reminds me of bubbles!

My only complaint is that the shark is 28mm. I wanted to need a bigger boat...Nevertheless, they are fantastically good fun!