Monday, 4 July 2011

Grey Aliens

After having appeared in Roswell New Mexico, these galactic trespassers like to drop in from time to time.

Their aim is to collect data from healthy specimens but....
they always have the misfortune of contacting humans with a future book deal in mind or

 who are simply trailer trash....
Not that they mean any harm. It's just that they have yet

 to find someone of acclaim to present their side of the argument on talk shows.

 Poor fellows.

Once in a while, they do get portrayed in a good light by Hollywood.

 However, not that very often....

 Ultimately, they just like to hang out with the truth...
somewhere out there...


  1. Funny that recently Aliens seem to be getting a slightly better press (as it were) District 9 for example...and of course, Paul :-D
    Great post....Maybe the little Grey guys have gone of to set up an Aliennation...alien nation ?...they don´t feel that they fit in..?....I know, dreadfull pun :-D

  2. Rather green these Aliens, nice story!

  3. Thanks guys. I need to see paul the Alien by the way.

  4. Wheres Simon Pegg and Nick Frost then?Another great work mate!

    Cheers Rich.

  5. They look mean - maybe that bad press is getting to them? Every story you tell holds the interest. With models like that you could get an X-Files-style mythology arc going here.

  6. I see green people. . .
    Great work mate!!!

  7. Cheers West, Porky and Thanos!