Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hunter Aliens

Information you need to know about dealing with Hunter Aliens....

Don't follow up a distress signal if the caller does not answer.

The likelihood is he's probably out to lunch...

Never go to the toilet unaccompanied.
 And if you do, don't dream of resting your rifle against a tree.
Even if it's only for a few seconds- always keep it at hand.

 Never be the funny or cool guy who makes all the wise cracks because...
 he's usually the second to be iced. The reason being is if he were the last to disappear then the movie would be classified as a comedy not a horror action.
 Likewise, if you have any valuable skills or abilities.....

 keep it to yourself because being knowledgeable
gets you no where.... Have you not learnt yet

  that the hero has to resolve things alone.

 Remember once all the movie extras are gone, like miner's canaries, that's not the time to sit back.

If you notice a shadow that moves and you're standing still...
 then that's not your shadow.
And finally, should you inevitably bump into a hunter alien,
have a catch phrase handy that you remembered from an opened Christmas cracker.

In the jungle you can scream, as it is not space and everyone can hear you. However, you will probably be mistaken for a howler monkey...

Hope that was useful.


  1. Useful for sure. You could write screenplays with that forbidden knowledge, just by not using it, and maybe much better screenplays than we're used to as well..! Another great post. That's a very effective deep jungle.

  2. In a spaceship...........everyone can hear you scream :-D
    You forgot one...the menacing looking quite guy..that goes missing about a third of the way in...you assume there´s either a continuity miastake..or he was killed but you missed it, then turns up just as the hero is about to get squished, distracts the alien long enough to so the hero can kill it..but in the process gets badly beaten about. As he dies there´s a great bit of male bonding with the hero assuring him, that although he´s lost both legs, an arm, half his head and has 90% burns..he will make it :-D

    Great set up