Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Secret Agent:The Fake Spy Part 1/4

 Sven swept into his local drinking hole with one objective....
 to enjoy a glass of Swedish Swedish berry juice, iced not...
 Mr Förfalska:....heated!
How strange! Not many people shared Sven's preferred method of drinking  Swedish berry juice. Sven could make out laughter in the corner of the bar.
 Audience:What's it like serving in the Icelandic Secret Service? It must be highly risky?

Sven's ears pricked up. Someone was definitely going to have a tax funded Christmas dinner this year put on by Iceland's prison caterers.  

 Mr Förfalska:One must be careful when sent behind enemy lines...

 Audience:Do tell!
The gentleman entertained the audience around the piano.
Mr Förfalska:One has to live on one's wits when on a top secret mission....

Didn't Sven go on the same mission which you can find in the story,"Never smile at a Crocodile"?

Audience:You are incredibly brave!
Mr Förfalska:That was nothing compared with the time I uncovered a scheme to force quantitative easing.

 It was a darstadly plot perpetrated by the SMORGES Board!
 Sven recognised what he was hearing. It was he who saved the day as described in the story, "Live and Let Lead"
 Audience:The what?
Mr Förfalska:They are a bunch of rogues who I have faced down many times.

 Sven left his table and joined the crowd with his hand on his concealed hoster-more than ready to intervene should some highly confidential information be blurted out.
Mr Förfalska:By the way...My name is Sven, Double 0 Sven....

Sven was froze in his tracks...

To be Continued....

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