Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Secret Agent:Photographing Props Part 3

Here are some more tips I picked up through experimenting:perspective, massing models, angles, lines and over the shoulder shots.
One illusion to enhance your table is to find 15mm terrain and to place your models a certain distance away. Take a photo with the camera flat on the table so the 15mm terrain appears massive  in the distance.
  Let the models crowd your camera so you are caught up in the atmosphere.
 Take photos from interesting angles. It makes your images unusual and changes the viewer's focus.

Lines are also visually pleasing:horizontal or vertical.

Also try to photograph over the model's shoulder so that you feel as if you're in their shoes. This makes the photos dramatic and personal.

 You can create a menacing atmosphere if you photograph from the villian's point of view.
 And a bit of humour!
Hope these tips spice up your wargame photos and allow you to appreciate your models as well as scenery!


  1. Thank you for the suggestions, using 15mm terrain in such a way is genius!

  2. I love playing tricks with the camera! When you find the right distance, 15 mm buildings can appear massive :)