Sunday, 21 November 2010

Secret Agent:Photographing a Jungle

Without doubt the light is as important as your camera in macro setting. The best light is flourescent.You can either buy a flourescent lamp or simply photograph in the kitchen!
Always frame the photo with something natural like this overlapping branch.
 I clumped moss together on an architect's grass mat which you can buy in your art store for under £2. Why purchase a toy store mat for £20?
Create a buzz with wild, tangled vegetation.
Have a focal point for the eye to follow.
Give a sense of direction.

 Here I incorporated GW plastic trees. Have geometric patterns like a curving river.

 Place foliage in front of the model to give the illusion of distance.

 Collect a rock and drybrush grey so it looks like....a rock! Have a contrast of colours:rock grey and yellow plants.

And there you go: the Amazon jungle on a 20cmx40cm mat!


  1. Did you paint the water feature yourself or is it a pre-paint ?

  2. It was a friend's. He used chip board, painted the river part blue, Then covered with water effect glue. The river bank was a raised part covered in sand and grass.